it’s sunday but i don’t feel like focusing on real religion, mythology, or magic ; i would rather talk about my constructed language/s – i am not a Tolkien, so i don’t feel compelled to build languages from scratch, i believe in “cheating” ~ most of my conlangs are variations of the primary one, which is called Lingu * Lingu is the primeval language of Oblivion and it spawned two ancient languages, six old languages, and thirty modern languages, each with five dialects.

realistically, i don’t need to develop all those languages and dialects, i can just develop the ones that matter ; Modern Western Tozde and Lingu are the default language dialects of my tales, at least in the sense that special terms and names are translated from English to MWT or Lingu – one of the most important special terms is “gifalo” ~ gifalo are the devils of Existence, the default protagonists of Prasiolite tales *

i feel familiar words like “devil” carry too much cultural baggage ( even if i like a lot of that baggage ), so i try to come up with unfamiliar terms ; “Jedi” means what it means because George Lucas made it up and any spinner of tales could do the same – so anyway, gifalo are my devils and their sacred language is Lingu, which only they can write, speak, or read ~

here’s one of my cheat codes :

diabolical > d f l + i a o i = idafoli > dafoli ;

i <> a, t <> l ( dafoli > difola

o <> a, g <> d ( difola > gifalo )

i don’t like p or b, so i replace them with v and f

dafoli is the Lingu word for gifalo but they don’t use Lingu in mixed company, so it makes more sense for the text to refer to them as gifalo