urban legends are a significant inspiration for Project Prasiolite ; as contemporary mythology, urban legends convey true sentiments, even if the events depicted are fictitious or exaggerated – there’s a thin line between a story and a lie and my devils walk that line ~ my favorite urban legend is one i grew up with : Candyman * i was an adult by the time i understood that Candyman was a creation of Clive Barker and not a figure i should have believed would appear behind me in mirrors if i called his name three times ( never mind that it’s a fivefold evocation in the movies ).

Candyman seemed to be a real danger to me as a kid ; even as an adult, you’d have to pay me hundreds of thousands of dollars to call his name five times into a mirror, especially in the dark, especially alone – i believe in spirits and mirrors seem to be very much like windows and doors, so i’m not taking chances like that lightly ~ point being, urban legends are a major element of my imagination *