no. 8

this is not a poem ~

this is a note ~

i am the kind of girl who likes to feel deviant ; i tend to think of myself as harmlessly perverse – i feel like i could trip and fall into a hypomanic hypersexual episode at any moment ~

my name is Niko Black ; i want this site to be a place i can play my own game by my own rules – i have so many facets, including a great desire to be known and adored by other folks like me, folk who are only technically human ~

no. 5

i am the night’s daughter

obsessed with the ever-changing moon

swamps and forests are my realm

no. 3

i am tireless in my pursuit

such a will i possess

horny girl, horned girl

right now is the perfect moment

no. 2

i have thirteen stars

an obsession bestowed by the moon

with certain numbers from the earth

no. 1

i want to become undead

this blog should be my grave and cradle

to be perfect is my wish

which is impossible?